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Equipment for the food industry
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What materials are used in the manufacture of equipment?
Stainless steels AISI 304, AISI 316 and food-grade plastics serve as materials for the manufacture of components and equipment parts. The surfaces in contact with the product are smoothly sanded. All structures and materials have the necessary margin of safety and are approved for contact with food. A modular type of conveyor belt is used.
Why is the cost of the equipment not reflected on the website?
In this economic situation, we cannot predict pricing, since the cost of our equipment is directly dependent on the exchange rate, due to the fact that most of the materials and components used by us in the manufacture of equipment are imported from Europe and America.
What components are used in your equipment?
We use only proven Universally Recognized components of well-known world brands
Why do I need to make a technical specification?
A detailed technical specification defines the requirements for the product and allows you to eliminate errors when performing work. In addition, if there is a detailed technical specification, the customer avoids additional costs for revision and alteration.
What is the difference between installation and installation supervision?
Installation of equipment – the buyer himself completely installs the purchased equipment, without the participation of the seller. Shefmontazh – the equipment supplier controls the installation of the supplied equipment, that is, the working staff is looking for a buyer, and the commissioning works themselves are carried out by the supplier's specialists.
If your equipment is out of order, at whose expense is the repair carried out?
The warranty covers the entire equipment, so if a unit, unit or part used serially fails, then our company changes the broken part at its own expense. The issue of returning the defective part to the supplier is solved by our logistics service. If the breakdown occurred during the post-warranty period or during the warranty period, but due to the fault of the operating equipment personnel, the customer pays for troubleshooting.
How is the delivery carried out?
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Based on extensive experience, we develop and manufacture equipment for the food and processing industry that is not inferior in technical characteristics and quality to imported analogues

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